Chile/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.1 Institutional overview

In so far as design and implementation, the most relevant institution concerning study programs for art education across the board is the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) where special emphasis has been paid on primary and secondary school levels. Some are obligatory and guaranteed by the state in the “Constitución Política de la Republica” (Political Constitution of the Republic) in Chapter III, Article 19, numeral 10 (Chilean National Congress, 2005ª). In particular, Law Nº 20.370, the General Education Law (Chilean National Congress, 2009ª) stipulates artistic development for kindergarten, lower, middle and higher education among its general objectives. In this sense it’s important to mention that education in visual arts and musical arts is obligatory for all institutions imparting a primary education. In the same fashion, the law also defines certain modalities for differential education in secondary education, among which the creation of social sciences, technical – professional workers and lastly, the artist.

In their own fashion the National Council of Culture and Arts is developing a promotional endeavor to stimulate and promote art education in the country. In effect, the cultural and political document Chile quiere más cultura: Definiciones de política cultural 2005 – 2010 already indicates the need to strengthen art education at varying levels (age levels), not only to find and nurture talent but to also create an audience (CNCA 2005c). In the same manner Política Cultural 2011 – 2016 broadens the concept of art education, putting forth the importance of education as a way of encouraging children to fully value their cultural heritage and the country’s multi-cultural identity, creative endeavors, professionalizing cultural advisors and incubating consumer habits regarding art and culture in the community.

To put into effect these pointers concerning cultural policy, the National Council for Culture and Arts is currently developing diverse support programs for art education in Chile’s current educational program, complementing the definitions issued by MINEDUC on the subject (see Chapter 8.3.2).

Chapter published: 28-12-2013