Chile/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.5 Architecture and spatial planning

The most important legislation on urban planning and architecture is Decree Law No. 458, the General Law on Urban Planning and Construction (Chilean National Congress, 1975b), which establishes rules on urban planning, utilities, and construction. This law is complemented by the General Ordinance on Urban Planning and Construction (Chilean National Congress, 1992c).

Regarding the cultural aspects of urban planning and the protection of heritage architecture, Law No. 17,288 on National Monuments (National Congress of Chile, 1970a) may be mentioned, which establishes procedures for the creation heritage areas worthy of protection due to their architectural value, among other legislation. 

Other relevant rulings are Law No. 19,253 on indigenous protection, promotion and development (Chilean National Congress, 1993b), and Law No. 19,300, General Regulations for the Environment (Chilean National Congress, 1994c).

Chapter published: 28-12-2013