Chile/ 8.2 Cultural consumption and participation  

8.2.2 Policies and programmes

The National Council for Art and Culture considers cultural consumerism as one element of overall cultural participation. In effect, for the CNCA cultural consumerism does not refer (unless considering a very restricted scope) to market trade of goods and services, rather the receiving and incorporating of significant artistic practices and cultural activities to build identity (CNCA 2011r). Therefore, cultural participation is one of the main lines of action for the National Council Culture and Arts in accordance in Law Nº 19.891, from which it originated (see Chapter 2 and 3). The importance of cultural participation and consumerism is also acknowledged in documents concerning cultural policy such as Chile quiere más cultura: definiciones de politica cultural 2005 – 2010 (CNCA, 2005c) and Politica cultural 2011 – 2016 (CNCA, 2011a); the latter, still in effect, states that the ultimate goal of cultural participation is to increase and bring in new audiences and generate habitual cultural participation in the community.

The objectives behind currently valid cultural policy and those objectives pertaining to participation are the following:

-        To Promote community access and participation in artistic and cultural initiatives.

-        To Create access to artistic and cultural supply.

-        Promote consumer habits related to artistic and cultural activities within the community.

-        Boost and promote the role of cultural agents in creating and distributing art and culture.

-        Promote cultural exchange through new communication technology.

The greater part of the initiatives focused on promoting cultural participation are implemented by the Department of Citizenship and Culture stemming from the National Council of Culture and Arts adhering to concepts regarding participation, mediation and bringing in an audience. Among the main programs considered tools for this very purpose are:

-        Rock Schools: seeking to strengthen Chilean musical heritage by supporting creative endeavors and forming emerging rock bands; strengthening cultural association with Chile’s youth; and the forming of audiences and cultural participation. For more information please visit the following website: y

-        “Servicio País Cultura”: a program undertaken through an alliance between the Overcoming Poverty Foundation and CNCA, whose objectives are to link respective territories with cultural identity and promote areas where neighbors can mingle and socialize. The program operates through committees made up of young professionals that have lived for at least one year in isolated or at risk municipalities, the objective being to broaden the community’s artistic language, increase access to cultural goods and services for the community and promote the search for identity. For more information please visit the following website:

-        Art Education Programs: Another important pillar for promoting cultural participation are programs involving art education (see Chapter 8.3).

-        “Sello Regional” Program: promotes access to artistic and cultural goods for local residents by “gifting” culturally emblematic icons, be they material or immaterial, in each region and in so doing strengthen local identity. For more information we recommend you visit the following website:

-        Regional access: the objective in this case is to decentralize culture and art and increase equal access by reaching out to at risk communities and geographically isolated communities, at a regional, provincial and municipal level. The program provides support for artists, cultural practitioners and regional advisors, promoting cultural and artistic endeavors that emphasize on the particular identity of each territory. The program distributes information on artistic and cultural venues and events, brings people together and educates, and hosts meets to exchange ideas between the artistic sector and other regional actors. For more information we recommend you visit the following website:

National Plan for Promoting Reading Habits “Lee Chile Lee”: the result of a coordinated effort between the Ministry of Education, the National Council for Art and Culture and the Directorate of Libraries and other lending points; established to boost the creation of reading mediators; put together local and regional strategies to strengthen reading practices and develop related lines of investigation among other activities. For more information we recommend you visit the following website: and

Chapter published: 28-12-2013