Chile/ 3. Competence, decision-making and administration  

3.3 Inter-ministerial or intergovernmental co-operation

The law assigns to the National Committee for Culture and the Arts the responsibility of establishing ties of coordination and collaboration with all the public institutions which, without being part of the Committee or being directly related to it are also involved in activities to do with the field of culture.

In order to fulfil this mandate the institution establishes permanent links of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These bodies are integrated into the National Committee of the CNCA, contributing to the coordination of cultural policies for the country with the initiatives of other public bodies. Concerning the former it is worth highlighting the collaboration with the Committee of Libraries, Archives and Museums, the Council for National Monuments which are dependent on the Ministry of Education; the Committee for Cultural Matters, the programme of Development of Chilean Exports and the Foundation for the Image of Chile, managed or linked with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and the National Tourist Board, dependent on the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism.

Additionally, every year the CNCA and the Regional Councils organise the National Convention of Culture and the Zonal Conventions, spaces of interchange and reflection on the cultural policies of Chile, at which public servants, relevant cultural agents and representatives of public institutions are present from the Ministry of Education, the Regional Governments and the regional Councils, who have influence of the assignation of public funds for de-centralised development, such as the National Fund for Regional Development.

Chapter published: 28-12-2013