Chile/ 5.2 Legislation on culture  

Chapter 9.1 contains a full list of the laws and regulations that govern culture in Chile. Along these lines, the National Council for Culture and the Arts, in conjunction with the National Library of Congress, published the Compendium of Chilean Cultural Legislation in 2009 (CNCA & National Library of Congress, 2009), which gives some general interpretations on current legal regulations at the date of its publication. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, the following list is an introduction allowing the reader to identify some of the main laws governing culture in Chile.

-        Political Constitution of the Republic of Chile (Chilean National Congress, 2005a).


-        Law No. 19,891, which creates the National Council on Culture and Arts and the National Cultural and Artistic Development Fund. (Chilean National Congress, 2003a).

-        Decree Law No. 5,200, which creates the Libraries, Archives and Museums Directorate. (Chilean National Congress, 1929).

-        Law No. 17,288 on National Monuments. (Chilean National Congress, 1970a).

-        Law No. 19,227, which creates the National Books and Reading Promotion Fund, and amends the aforementioned legislation. (Chilean National Congress, 1993a).

-        Law No. 19,928, on the Promotion of Chilean Music. (Chilean National Congress, 2004a).

-        Law No. 19,981. On the Promotion of the Audiovisual Industry. (Chilean National Congress, 2004b).

-        Law No. 18,838, which creates the National Television Council. (Chilean National Congress, 1989b).

-        Law No. 18,985, the Cultural Donations Law (Article 8 of the Law which establishes rules for tax reform). (Chilean National Congress, 1990a).

-        Law No. 19,253, which establishes rules on indigenous protection, promotion and development and which creates the National Indigenous Development Corporation. (Chilean National Congress, 1993b).

-        Law No. 20,423, on the Institutional Framework to Develop Tourism. (Chilean National Congress, 2010b).

-        Law No. 17,336, on Intellectual Property. (Chilean National Congress, 1970b).

-        Law No. 20,216, which establishes rules for the benefit of Chilean circuses. (Chilean National Congress, 2007).

-        Law No. 19,889, which regulates employment and contract conditions for artists and performers. (Chilean National Congress, 2003b).

Chapter published: 28-12-2013