Chile/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.6 Film, video and photography

The Chilean State supports, promotes and encourages and the creation, production and distribution of audiovisual works as part of Chile’s heritage, and in order to preserve Chilean identity and ensure cultural and educational development, through Law No. 19,981 on the promotion of audiovisual industries, and which creates the National Council on Arts and Audiovisual Industries and the Audiovisual Promotion Fund (see Chapter 3).

This law is complemented by other legislation, including:

-        Decree No. 223, which approves the requirements for granting the “Pedro Sienna Prize” for the Chilean art and audiovisual industry (Chilean National Congress, 2005e).

-        Law No. 20,243, which lays down rules on the moral and property rights of interpreters of artistic performances in audiovisual formats (Chilean National Congress, 2008b).

-        Law No. 19,846, on film classification (Chilean National Congress, 2003e).

-        Law No. 18,838, which creates the National Television Council (Chilean National Congress, 1989b).

On the other hand, photography in Chile is considered a visual art and not an audiovisual art (see Chapter 3).

Chapter published: 28-12-2013