Tunisia/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.5 Basic out-of-school arts and cultural education

Basic education of arts and culture that takes place outside the educational system is mostly present in the public institutions under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture, and in private institutions that offer training and teaching courses of art, music and dance. The Ministry oversees 17 regional music institutes (regional conservatoires) in several States, with 3 national music institutes: the National Institute for Music & Folk Arts at Sadie Saber (Tunis), The National Music Conservatory and the National Center for Dance. Other private institutes provide courses in music outside the educational system and are subject to the dual supervision of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry in charge of vocational training. Several exams are organized for certification: Diploma of Musical Instrument performance; Arab music diploma; artistic profession license (to be reviewed); certificate in artistic profession in music, dance and folk art; a certificate of attendance or a completion of training. In 2012, there were 392 candidates for the exam of Arab music diploma and 11 candidates for the exam of the Diploma of Musical instrument play, as well as a professional exam for professional card was organized for more than 1,000 candidates in Tunis and Sfaxcenters and 766 have succeeded. The Ministry has taken the initiative to include Rap music as a new specialization.

For other arts, several public and private institutions provide training sessions, workshops to different artistic areas according to their specialization for example: National Theater, National Center for Living Art Belvedere, etc… or during international festivals : Carthage Film Festival, Music Festival, Carthage Theatre Festival,  and some private institutions (e.g. the Theatre Alhambra).

Chapter published: 05-05-2015