Tunisia/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.2 Public actors and cultural diplomacy

As the Ministry of Culture is mandated for the "… Development of international cooperation programs in the fields of culture and heritage preservation and strengthening of relations with international and regional bodies dealing with matters falling within the attributions of the Ministry,…" as stated in the organizing Decree of Ministry’s attributions, the Ministry of Culture coordinates its efforts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the areas of international cultural cooperation including cultural exchange programs that encompass foreign participation in cultural events in Tunisia, artistic residencies, and training sessions; the implementation of joint international projects; and the  promotion of Tunisian cultural products, artists and Tunisian cultural events abroad. The 11thdevelopment plan[1] (2007-2011) has clearly emphasized the role to be played by these two ministries for the Tunisians abroad, to intercultural dialogue and to income-generating cultural activities. Even after 2011, the same objectives remained at the level of international cultural cooperation with focus on international cooperation projects targeting the increase of culture sector contribution in development.

Despite the absence of specific cultural agencies for cultural diplomacy, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tunisian embassies and consulates, and the office of Tunisians abroad are participating in cultural diplomacy. From analytical and evaluation perspective, the broad and dispersed characteristic of data concerning cultural diplomacy makes it difficult to go through details of direct financial support or any other related indicators, especially performance.

[1]They are development plans that include overall strategies and sector specific objectives, including Culture sector, for a 5 year period (public investment and development goals). Most recent is the eleventh development plan (2007-2011) (11th plan of development (in Arabic): http://www.tunisie.gov.tn/dmdocuments/ministeres/mdci/docpub/11plan_global_ar.pdf )

Chapter published: 05-05-2015