Tunisia/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.1 Constitution

The 1959 Constitution guarantees the freedom of opinion and the right of Association «article 8-freedom of opinion and expression; the press, publication; and Association and Unions creation are guaranteed and exercised under conditions established by law». There is no specific legal document dealing with cultural rights.

The Constitution was suspended in March 2011 (Decree 14 of 23rd March 2011 on the provisional regulation of public authority). After creation of NCA a new legal framework was issued which is known as the "little Constitution" and is the founding law 6-2011 of 16th December 2011 and on the regulation of provisional public authority. The adopted "constitutional" law framework was designed as a reference for the conduct of State Affairs during the transition period until the adoption of a new Constitution by NCA. 

Chapter published: 05-05-2015