Tunisia/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.2 Performing arts and music


  • Law66-62 of 5thJuly 1966 concerning the visa for theatrical plays.
  • Decree 2012-3086 of 4thDecember 2012 concerning the creation, the organization, the attributes and methods of work of the Commission for the selection of professional and amateur theatrical and scenic works nominated for distribution in cultural spaces.
  • Decree 89-396 of 15thMarch 1989 concerning the composition and attributions of the committee for the aid grants provision to the production, or to the equipment or to the management of production and promotion structures for professional dramatic arts.
  • Decree 89-397 of 15thMarch 1989, concerning the composition of the commission for the delivery of professional card to the profession in dramatic arts occupations, and the conditions for its delivery and withdrawal.
  • Law 86-15 of 15thFebruary 1986 on the Organization of occupations in dramatic arts.
  • Decree89-461 of 22ndApril 1989 concerning the regulation of the National Committee for theatrical guidance.
  • Decree 2001-1986 of 27thAugust 2001 concerning the conditions for the creation of professional structures to produce and diffuse dramatic arts.


  • Law 69-32 of 9th May 1969 on the creation of occupational card for artistic proficiency
  • Decree 2000-877 of 19thApril 2000, on fixing the modalities for providing grants to aid the production of new works on different media in the field of music.
  • Law 2002-101 of 17th December 2002 on the Finance Act of 2003 (Fund for supporting social coverage of artists, creators and intellectuals and the allocation of resources to it).
  • Law 2009-2197 of 22ndJuly 2009 on the creation of an Advisory Committee on artistic events led by foreigners and fixing its attributions, composition, work modalities and adopted measures.
  • The decision of the Minister of Culture of 2ndJanuary 2001 concerning the adoption of specifications document for the creation of a private company for music works recording and trading.
  • The decision of the Minister of Culture of 2nd January 2001 concerning the adoption of a specifications document for the creation of a private company for music and dance works production and distribution.

Chapter published: 05-05-2015