Tunisia/ 7. Public institutions in cultural infrastructure  

7.2 Basic data about selected public institutions in the cultural sector

The following table shows the public cultural institutions according to areas of intervention:


Central institutions

Regional institutions

Supervision and management

Ministry (Department)

Regional delegations for Culture

Multiple domains

-City of culture (suspended)

-committee for the Magazine "cultural life"



-The National Theatre

-The National Center for the art of puppetry

Dramatic arts centers (3)


The National Center for the film and the image


Music & dance

- Center for Arab and Mediterranean music "Ennejma Ezzahra"

-National Institute for music & folk arts by Sidi Sabir (Tunis)

-National Institute of music

- National Centre for dance

Regional school of music (17)

Visual arts

-The living arts House, Rades

-National Center for living art , Belvedere

-National Center for ceramic art


Books and reading

-National Library

-National Translation Centre

Public libraries (385)

Cultural activities

-International Cultural Centre in Hammamet

-National Center of cultural communication

-National Cultural Committee

-   Houses of culture (222)

- Regional and local cultural committees (para-associations)


-National Heritage Institute

- Agency for the Development of National Heritage and Cultural Promotion

- Bardo National Museum

-National Museum of Carthage

-Museum of Dar Ben Abdallah (Customs and folkloric traditions)

Museum of leader Habib Bourguiba Place (modern Museum)

-Regional Inspection of Heritage (6)

-Archaeological and historical museums (18)

-Museums of popular customs and traditions (9)

-Museum leader Habib Bourguiba

- Medina safeguard  associations (associations)

Literary and artistic property rights (copyright)

Tunisian organization for the protection of authors’ rights


Festivals & exhibitions

-The Organizing Committee of the International Festival of Carthage.

-The Organizing Committee of the International Festival of Hammamet

-International Book Fair organizing Committee

-The Organizing Committee of Carthage Film Festival

-The Organizing Committee of the Carthage Theatre Festivals

- Agency for the Development of National Heritage and Cultural Promotion (cultural promotion)

-Associations and committees of regional and local festivals (mostly multilateral nature)

-The International Festival of El JEM Association

Association of the International Festival of  Kélibia for amateur cinematographers

Chapter published: 05-05-2015