Lebanon/ 9. Sources and Links  

9.1 Key documents on cultural policy



  •  Colloquialism: The revolution of the commons and the peasants.
  • “The History of Modern Lebanon – From the Principality to the Taif Agreement”, Fawaz  Trabolsy.
  • “The History of Beirut” – Samir Qassir.
  • “Theatrical and Political Activities in Lebanon” – Roger Assaf.
  • “Excerpts from the geometrical summary and construction program” related to “Culture and Arts House – The Lebanese Omani Center”, The Ministry of Culture.
  • A study of “The Status of Traditional Industries in Lebanon”, Fayqa Sebaie Owaida, Head of the Developmental Association of Culture and Art.
  • “Dialogue in NGOs”, a study by Kamel Mehanna, 1999.
  • “The Maronite Patriarchal Synod and the Establishment of a Common life”, a lecture by Dr. Yousef  Kamal El Hajj, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Notre Dame University.
  • “Culture and the Question of Citizenship”, Lebanese National Human Development Report, 2008-2009, Abbas Baydoon.
  • Joseph Abou-Rizk , La politique culturelle au Liban ,Les Presses de l'Unesco ,Politiques culturelles : études et documents
  • “A Study of Science, Technology, and Creativity”, The National Board of Scientific Research, 2005.
  • “A Reading of the Culture of Arab Satellite Broadcast: Determining the Boundaries of Disintegration”, Nahwand  El Qadery Essa, The Center of Arab Unity Studies, 2008.
  • Lebanese Media Participated in Freedom and Independence… Ink and Blood, Beirut – Malik El Qaqour.
  • “An Introduction to the Management of Cultural Organizations” – Makhlouf Bokrouh.
  • “Cultural Industries in Lebanon”, a group of authors, The Lebanese Studies Center.
  • “Arts Management in Turbulent Times”, Milena Dragićević Šesić and Sanjin Dragojević, translated by Nohad Salem, Dar Sharqeyat for Publishing and Distribution, 2007.
  • “Art Management: Entrepreneurial Style”, Giep Hagoort, translated by Rabie Wahba, Dar Sharqeyat for Publishing and Distribution, 1st ed., 2008-2009.


The Lebanese Constitution


  • “The General Theory of the Lebanese Constitutional System”, Antoine Mesarra, Part I, Chapter 14 – The Cultural and Educational Content in the Lebanese Constitution.
  • The Lebanese Law of Publications, in accordance with its last amendment in 1994.
  • Law 382, issued on 4/11/1994, concerning radio and television broadcast.
  • The Regulation of Societies in Lebanon: Freedom, Law, and Practice, Att. Ghassan Mokhaibar (currently an MP).
  • Law 56, The Official Gazette on 30/12/2008, concerning the regulaton of the artistic professions.
  • Law 38, issued on 16/10/2008, concerning the regulation of the Ministry of Culture.
  • The Law of Income Tax, amending Legislative Decree No. 144, on 24/4/2004.
  • Legislative Decree No. 66, issued on 5/8/1967, concerning the tax on entertainment establishments.
  • Legislative Decree No. 7333, issued on 31/1/2002, concerning the cancellation of tax on entertainment establishments, and replacing it with a value added tax.
  • Law 35, issued on 16/10/2008, concerning the regulation of the Ministry of Culture.
  • Law 36, issued on 6/10/2008, concerning general institutions related to the Ministry of Culture.
  • Law 216, issued on 2/4/1993, concerning the Ministry of Environment.
  • Directive No. 2302/p. 1, issued on 8/12/2003, determining books and publications exempted from value added tax.
  • Law 379, issued on 14/12/2001, concerning value added tax.
  • Law 444, issued on 19/7/2002, concerning environment protection.
  • A workshop on cultural industries, and policies in Lebanon – Roger Melky
  • The law permitting the government to ratify the agreement.
  • Law 36, issued on 16/10/2008, concerning public institutions related to the Ministry of Culture.
  • Legislative Decree No. 14084, issued on 28/1/2005, concerning the amending of some of the provisions of the Legislative Decree No. 3196, issued 13/5/1972, the Legislative Decree No. 10038, issued on 4/4/1975, concerning the formation of the National Committee for Education, Science, and Culture.
  • Law 585, issued on 24/7/1996, permitting the government to ratify the Rome International Agreement for the Protection of Artists, signed din Rome, on 26/10/1961.
  • Law 69/20, issued on 23/5/1969, concerning the rights of those creating musical legacies.
  • Liberal Encyclopedia, Dialects in Lebanon.
  • Women and the Law in the Lebanese Republic. Att. Ghada Hemdan Hodayeb.
  • An Outline of Culture Policy, the Danish Model.
  • “The Economic Contribution of Copyright-Based Industries in Lebanon”. An English study conducted by the World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO, in agreement with the Ministry of Culture, under the supervision of the Economic Counselor, Roget Malky. 
  • A lecture by the Minister of  Economy And Trading, HE Mohammad El Safady, at St. Joseph University, on the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, in Barcelona, before the Union for the Mediterranean.
  • A booklet on the Culture and Arts House, http://www.darbayrut.org/PDF/Media.Kit.Arabic.pdf 
  • The plan for the establishment of the Cultural Social Center, Darya
  • Public education curricula, Circular 32/M/97, The Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, The Lebanese Republic, The Educational Center for Research and Development.
  • “Implementation of the European Neighborhood Policy in 2008 Progress Report Lebanon”
  • “Implementation of the European Neighborhood Policy in 2008 Progress Report Lebanon” Brussels, 23/04/09 (commission staff working document accompanying the communication from the commission to the European Parliament and the council)
  • U.S. Embassy in Lebanon small grants program
  • “Who funds culture in Lebanon and is it shaped by foreign money,” an article by Maysa Awad, El Safir Newspaper.
  • “Funding Lebanese festivals and do they participate in development”, an article by Layla Hadad, El Akhbar Newspaper.
  • “Short history of the relationship between Lebanese cultural production and foreign funding”, an article by Yousef Bazzy.
  • The theater, the educational guide, secondary education, third year, all branches, The Educational Center for Research and Development, New Curricula.
  • “The cultural harvest (Lebanon): Security breakaway and cultural awakening in 2008”, an article by Nazem El Sayed, Alquds Alarbi Newspaper.
  • The law regulating the Ministry of Youth and Sport, Almustaqbal Newspaper, 10/7/2003.
  • “Lebanon in the face of cultural traits”, Asharq Alawsat Newspaper, 24/6/2006.
  • “Muslims in Lebanon: Religious and Cultural Life,” an article by Dr. Radwan El Sayed.


List of NGOs by Affiliation Type, ESCWA, December 2004.


Press interviews

  • A two-part  El Nahar interview with the former minister of culture, Ghassan Salameh, 11/12/2000
  • National News Agency: Minister Shatah discuses the 2009 budget with the minister of culture, 10/11/2008.
  • An interview with the former minister of culture, Ghassan Salameh, El Jaish magazine, ed. 206, August 2002

Chapter published: 04-05-2016