Lebanon/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.2 Performing arts and music

The following table shows some of the laws related to musical arts.


This legislative decree regulated the National Music Institute established 1910.

Legislative Decree No. 2884, issued on 16/12/1959, concerning the regulation of the National Music Institute.

It is the amending law which stresses the fact that the creator of a literary book or an artistic creation is the sole holder of the right to publish and republish it in any form they so desire. Only the author and their heirs have the right to authorize its reprinting, whole or part thereof, translation, enactment, performance before an audience, adoption, or conversion to another form.

Law 69/20, issued on 23/5/1969, concerning the rights of music composers.

This law provides that “The High National Institute for Music” – The Conservatoire, is subject to public institution laws, but is under the mandate of the minister of culture. It also enjoys academic, administrative and financial independence.

Law 431, issued on 15/5/1995, concerning the establishment of a public institution by the name of the High National Institute for Music – The Conservatoire.

This law modernizes the National Symphony Orchestra.

The law establishing the National Symphony Orchestra, issued on 19/10/1998.

This decision amends the order of the  National Symphony Orchestra.

Decision No. 1, issued on 24/5/2001, amending the Board’s decision dated 19/10/1998.

Organize how to form the Council of the Higher Institute of Music –conservatoire-  and determining its functions and powers to conduct its rules.

Law 9806, issued on 28/12/2013


Chapter published: 07-04-2016