Lebanon/ 5.2 Legislation on culture  

The basic concepts for culture development through freedoms are guaranteed in the Lebanese constitution, but the details that activate the role of intellectuals and culture in general are yet to be properly framed by effective laws.

In addition, the laws and regulations issued previously were not applied in a transparent way, exactly as it is the case with copyright protection.

The following are some of the laws that organize the cultural sector:


This law deals with the establishment of the Ministry of Culture and higher education. It defines its role in cultural and higher education affairs in six articles, each comprising several terms.

Law 215, issued on 2/4/1993 concerning the establishment of a ministry for culture and higher education.

Amending the title of the ministry. Higher education was separated from the name of the ministry, and the ministry came to be known as the Ministry of Culture.

Law 247, issued on 7/8/2000

This law states in details, in five chapters and 32 articles the ministry role, assignment, administrative structure, assignments of administrative and technical units, and the job description  for the first and second tier of employees of the Ministry of Culture.

Law 35, issued on 16/10/2008, concerning the regulation of the Ministry of Culture.

This law regulates artistic professions in six chapters and 18 articles. It defines artistic professions, the terms to join syndicates, regulations for non-Lebanese artists, the terms of establishing syndicates and unions, and the establishment of a solidarity fund and the terms of joining it.

Law 27, issued  December 2008, concerning the regulation of artistic professions.

This law defines the institutions of the Ministry of Culture and their assignments in six chapters and 39 articles.

Law 36, issued on 16/10/2008, concerning public institutions related to the Ministry of Culture.

This law has one article in which it provides for the establishment of the Intellectual Property Protection Association under the Ministry of Economy and Trade - the General Director of Economics and Trade.

Law 538, issued on 24/7/1996, concerning the establishment of the Intellectual Property Protection Association

The Organization of the units in each of the Directorate General of culture and joint management interest of the Ministry of Culture and its functions, staffing and conditions of appointment.

Law 622, issued on 18/9/2014

Chapter published: 07-04-2016