Lebanon/ 8.2 Cultural consumption and participation  

8.2.2 Policies and programmes

The Cultural Houses assembly aims to contribute to developing programs and strategies of cultural policy. An example of that is the resolutions concluded by the 12th Conference of the Cultural Houses assembly carried out in its headquarters in Brommana:

  • Continue the work on the protection of public liberties and Lebanon identity;
  • Work on the establishment of a society whose objective is to preserve the peasant heritage and save it from extinction;
  • Ask the State to make more efforts to preserve antique and heritage sites, and to pursue antiquity thieves, in particular;
  • Submit a memo to the three presidents stating that it is necessary to consult the assembly regarding any cultural project to be implemented by the State, especially international cultural agreements;
  • Demand for a Higher Culture Council in Lebanon, where the Cultural Houses assembly has a powerful word; such Council should complement the Ministry of Culture;
  • Support official education, in general, and the Lebanese University, in particular, as well as all education sectors, keeping respect and appreciation to private education in Lebanon;
  • The assembly rejects to be a false witness on the economic waste and deterioration that the country suffers from without any accountability.

In addition to that, there is request of cultural assistances made by the Ministry of Education as educational assistances:

  • Request of Ministries of Education and Higher Education to approve a gift of a montage computer with a monitor, video camera and a book collection presented to the Lebanese University-Fine Arts Institute/Branch 2.
  • Request of Ministry of Finance to approve accepting a gift of IT equipment and software in connection with the World General System of Statistical Data Publication used by the IMF, presented by China.

Assistances for culture:

  • Request of Ministry of Culture to approve the authorization given to the Minister to complete negotiations on a donation agreement with the EU for the National Library Rehabilitation Project and sign it after its final formulation

Chapter published: 04-05-2016