Lebanon/ 6.2 Public cultural expenditure  

6.2.2 Public cultural expenditure broken down by level of government

There are no statistics issued by official  or by private statistical companies to calculate the public expenditure on culture in Lebanon. However, using the expenditure of MoC and the expenditure of MoT estimated at 11 billion Lebanese pounds in 2008,which equals to US$ 7 million, public cultural expenditure will be US$ 4.75 per capita, (taking into consideration that the last census issued in July 2009 of Lebanese citizens without the expatriates showed that were 4,017,095). Whereas, if only the MoC figures are taken, public cultural expenditure per capita will be $2.99.  

Information is not available, knowing that on the municipal level, for example, only the municipality of Beirut followed by other major cities' municipalities, can finance important cultural activities from their incomes. For example, the Municipality of Beirut provided one million dollars to the activities of "Beirut World Book Capital 2009". In 2000, the Municipality subsidized ASSABIL-The Friends of Public Libraries Association- for the establishment of the first public library in the capital, but there are no specific figures or amounts allocated by the municipality for culture activities.

In 2008, the MoC, according to the MoF, spent 8.2 billion Lebanese pounds on the Higher Institute of Music and 5.6 billion Lebanese pounds on the General Antiquities Directorate projects.  


Chapter published: 07-04-2016