Lebanon/ 8.4 Amateur arts, cultural associations and civil initiatives  

8.4.2 Cultural houses and community cultural clubs

Lebanon is trying to recover its leading role in the Arab culture movement after its recent war, after becoming a farm to develop and promote nonsense, leading to the immigration or marginalization of its creative minds. It tries to do that through establishing cultural houses and clubs, and reviving the old ones. Below is a review of some cultural places in Lebanon that already existed with some added ones.

There is no single Lebanese governorate without a noticeable genius; it is not meaningless that houses of culture and art carry the names of those geniuses: Khalil Mutran House in Baalbek, Walid Akl House in Bikfaya, Saeed Taki Aldeen House in Baakleen, etc). These houses activate the local cultural life and establish communication bridges with their counterparts in other areas. There is Beit Almostaqbal, which was founded by former president Ameen Gemayel, and played an important cultural role in literature and art, such as the Culture and Heritage Day celebration in Brommana, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism. These cultural houses, also, support the cultural movement in Lebanon. For example, the Cultural Houses Assembly in Lebanon, the National Assembly to Preserve the Lebanese Folklore and Heritage, and the Awareness and Openness Club” carried out the Culture and Heritage Day (17/8/2009) in Brommana, in the courtyard of Mar Takla Church in Almasqa, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, in the context of Beirut World Book Capital. George Tarabeih, the secretary general of the Cultural Houses Assembly, honored Bishop Khodr with a shield of honor to acknowledge him as “an intellectual and literary authority, and in appreciation of his efforts for the sake of humanity”. Two similar shields were presented to the Iraqi poetess Lameea Abbas Amara, and the Libyan novelist Ibrahim Alkoni Balkani, whose award was received by Maher Kayyali, president of the Arab organization for Studies and Publishing. Similarly, Antoine Abo Jaoudeh, president of The National Assemly to Preserve Lebanese Folklore and Heritage, honored the Armenian Kanar Band and its international trainer.

The Cultural Houses Assembly opened its 17th Conference and honored a number of Lebanese poets and thinkers; George Tarabeih Awards for Culture and Creativity of 2007, 2008, and 2009 were distributed to those who had earned it. 

Chapter published: 04-05-2016