Lebanon/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.9 Language laws

Article 11 of the Lebanese constitutions (amended by Constitution Law issued 9/11/1943) states that Arabic is the official national language, while the cases in which French is used shall be determined by a law.

Chapter three of Decree 9099 issued 8/1/1968 entitled education languages specifies stages and objectives of education. Article 11 amended by virtue of Decree 3375 dated 19/8/1968 states: "One at least of the French, English or German languages shall be taught alongside Arabic in the four stages of education".

Article 12 states: "One of the foreign languages mentioned in the previous article may be replaced by another major world language, provided that a decree is issued for that purpose by the Council of Ministers based on a proposal by the Minister of National Education and after completing the committee stipulated in article 6 of this Decree".

Article 13 amended by virtue of Decree 3375 dated 19/8/1986 and Decree 5589 dated 30/8/1994 stipulate: "Principally the curricula of the four stages of education specified in article 1 of this Decree shall be taught in English, with the exception of foreign languages and foreign literature. French, English or German may be used in the mentioned stages to teach mathematics, science and old languages".

Chapter published: 07-04-2016