Lebanon/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.3 Cultural heritage

Lebanese laws concerned with the cultural heritage of the country since before independence and the following are some of laws pertaining to Lebanon's cultural heritage long-standing and recent:


This decree  was issued before Lebanese independce. It was drived from relevant French laws at that time.

Decree No. 166/LR, issued on 7/11/1933, regarding the antiquities system.

This decree laid down the Framework for the tour guide profession.

Decree No. 1863, issued on 25/5/1965, concerning the regulation of antiquities and tour guides in Lebanon.

This decree aimed to protect antiquites from being smuggled abroad. The country witnessed the exportation of a large quantity of its important antiquites during the war.

Decree No. 8, issued on 6/2/1988, concerning the prohibition of exporting antiquities.

This decree regulated trading in antiquities.

Decree No. 14, issued on  8/3/1988,  concerning the regulation of trading in antiquities.

This law was passed durning the last month of the war. It made it possible for Lebanon to join the mentioned UNESCO  agreement.

Law 21, issued on 30/10/1090, sanctioning Lebanon’s ratification of the UNESCO Agreement.

By virtue of this law, four years ago, Lebanon ratified the agreement on the protecton of nonphysical cultural legacies.

Law 720, issued on 15/5/2006, authorizing the government to sign the agreement related to the protection of nonphysical cultural legacies.

This law, in four chapters, defined cultural properties, regulated its management and protection, and provided for legal procedures to combat its violation.

Law 37, issued on 16/10/2008, concerning cultural properties.

Chapter published: 07-04-2016