Lebanon/ 6.2 Public cultural expenditure  

6.2.3 Sector breakdown

No information is available regarding every sector. However, there are definitions and conditions set by the MoC in the framework of subsidization policy with no mention of figures or estimated amounts allocated for each project according to its type and size.

Subsidization to scenic shows:


  • The MoC policy of subsidization to scenic shows stands on the following bases:
  • Subsidization to permanent theaters:
  • Permanent theaters are subsidized to help them survive, according to the wealth of their annual programs, which are submitted to the MoC in advance at the beginning of each season and they pledge to execute during that season.
  • The value of this subsidy is defined after estimating the financial resources of the concerned theater including other means of subsidization from other official or private parties (national or international).


2.   Subsidization for theater troupes inside Lebanon:

  • Theater troupes are subsidized only after a positive evaluation of the concerned play that the troupe undertakes to present on stage within the specified year. The evaluation is done by a competent committee that studies, attends directly or through a video tape the play to be subsidized.
  • The value of this subsidy is determined after assessing the financial resources of the theater troupe, including the possibility of getting other means of subsidization from official and private parties.

3. Subsidization to theater troupes to participate in Arab or international festivals:


  • Subsidizing theater troupes to participate in Arab and international festival is built on the bases mentioned in (1) above, taking the following into consideration:
  • The troupe has received an invitation to participate , or its participation has been approved by festival organizers;
  • The festival should be known on Arab or global level, or the troupe participation comes within the framework of cultural agreements signed between Lebanon and the country of the festival.


4. Subsidization to children's theater:

Part of the funds available to the MoC is allocated to activities of child-targeting theater after positive evaluation of the activity to be subsidized and to which the troupe undertakes to execute within the specific year.

5. Subsidization to dancing shows:

  • Part of the amounts available to the MoC is allocated for dancing shows;
  • Dancing shows are subsidized on the grounds mentioned in item (2) upon a positive evaluation of the work to be subsidizes and the subsidy value; preference is for new Lebanese shows.

6. Participation of children and teenagers in subsidized activities:

The MoC reserves the right to invite students from selected schools to attend freely the theatrical activities it subsidizes. 

B. Subsidization to film production:

The MoC policy regarding subsidization to film production depends on the following:

1. The MoC contributes annually to funding projects of ten films maximum, as follows:

  • Feature films for professional filmmakers.
  • The first feature film of a young director.
  • Short fiction films.
  • Documentary films.

2. The film director or producer should submit the full scenario of the film to be subsidized to the MoC and to prove his/her copy rights of the film to be produced.

3. Directors have no right to benefit from the MoC subsidy for two consecutive years, whether for the same film or for a new one.

4. Any director or producer has the right to apply for support for three consecutive years, if he/she doesn't get the funding from the first or the second attempt.

5. The beneficiary of a contribution made by the MoC signs a binding commitment to do the following:

To return the money he/she receives to the MoC in case the film is not produced, for any reason, within 18 months starting from the date of receiving the money.

A reference to be made that the film is subsidized by the MoC at the beginning, the end, or both, of the film, in a way approved by the MoC.

For 35 mm or 16 mm films, one copy to be submitted to the MoC with full non-commercial rights. If the film is produced on videotape, three copies to be submitted; the MoC will have the right to use these copies as an owner, but still respects the commitment for non-commercial use.

Premieres of subsidized films are organized at the UNISCO Palace or any other cultural center agreed upon with the MoC. Premieres will be presented upon free invitations made by the MoC.

6. The MoC also subsidizes film festivals through contributions to the expenses of these festivals after studying the program and its estimated budget, including other means of subsidization available to the organizers of the concerned festival from other official or private parties.

C. Subsidization to creativity in plastic arts:

The MoC policy for subsidizing creativity stands on possessing collections of paintings and sculptures executed by Lebanese artists according to the following:

  • The largest part of the amount allocated is specified to complete the MoC collection of plastic art works through possessing various works with proven creative value.
  • Encourage junior and promising artists through purchasing one or two works maximum from each.
  • Increase the MoC collection with at least one sculpture every year.
  • Not purchasing of a painting or a sculpture from the same artist for two consecutive years.  

Chapter published: 07-04-2016