Lebanon/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.3 Allocation of public funds

The funds allocated to the cultural sector in Lebanon are very modest and insufficient to cover the country's cultural activities.

The funds given by the Ministry to support these activities are allocated, pursuant to article 19, chapter three of Law 35 of 2008, from two funds: the Cultural Activities and Industries Funds and the Antiquities and Historical Facilities Funds.

According to article 20 of the mentioned law, the first funds shall support all programs and activities in the areas under the supervision of the General Directorate for Cultural Affairs, and also to take part in funding the products of cultural industries, knowledge economy and their activities, particularly supporting the production and marketing of films and audio-visual documents and publications.

Article 21 of this law stipulates: "The Antiquities and Historical Facilities Fund shall finance public and private projects launched to excavate, protect, restore and develop historical and archeological sites and facilities in order to be used for public utility purposes and also to improve and restore movable archeological collections.

Article 22 of same law stipulates: "The two funds shall be regulated by virtue of special protocols drawn up by the Council of Ministers based on a proposal by the Minister. These protocols shall determine the duties of each funds, their financial resources, management method, action rules, principles of investment and spending and the rights due to the Ministry or any of the funds in return for the contribution of any in financing the relevant programs and activities. The principles stipulated in the Public Audit Law may not be resorted to, provided that the two funds remain under the control of the Public Audit Office ".

Chapter published: 07-04-2016