Lebanon/ 8.3 Arts and cultural education  

8.3.2 Arts in schools

Education in Lebanon has a special characteristic; in all countries, sciences are considered a productive factor, while in Lebanon sciences are defined as a cultural element. There is no distinction between science, technology and culture. In order to understand the culture policies in Lebanon, one should start with a political approach in connection with education and teaching. It is true that the economic conditions obliged Lebanon to use part of its intellectual competencies in important fields, in science and technologies, while cultural activity started to occupy its rank among public occupations. Vocational and technical education is the same. All that stands on the idea that education policy in Lebanon is practically a cultural policy that aims at preparing a Lebanese citizen to be a part of a human world that ensures citizens existential stability and personal independence. The education-culture connection in Lebanon appears as follows:

Going back to history, to the Ottoman occupation time (1516-1916), we would notice that a Lebanese person would go to school in spite of his difficult life conditions. Going to school for a Lebanese person meant learning initial reading and writing concepts and steps and some arithmetic basics, which meant to a Lebanese person a sign of belonging to the human condition, and a sign of participation in community life, and a testimony of rejecting the conditions of backwardness and tendency to civilization. A Lebanese person seeks culture and education to remove the fog that prevents him from interaction with others.

Education programs in Lebanon, especially the artistic ones, have been developed to be in harmony with what we have just mentioned of personality formation, and students are qualified from the kindergarten to secondary school and university to nurture their artistic tastes, develop their sense of arts, and communicate with others. All that is done through teaching them music, painting and theatre.

We have already mentioned that; we indicated to the artistic subjects, and the relation of teaching subjects, even the scientific ones, with culture in 8.3. 

Chapter published: 04-05-2016