Jordan/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.2 Special artists funds

As mentioned in 8.1 the Ministry of Culture has a fund for projects by artists, writers, and researchers in theoretical, applied, and social sciences. This fund is defined by MoC as a support award. The application is through MoC, and a jury is selected by the Minister of Culture. The fund’s finances are allocated as a separate budget from the Prime Ministry, and it may also outsource funds from local or international sources[1] and is open to artists under the age of 40 with an active CV. A jury representing the different specialisations is appointed by the Ministry for the selection of the applications. Applicants need to have not applied for other local or international awards, and research must be completed in three years from the starting date of writing. The award includes a 15,000JD cash prize as well as a certificate. [2]

Also, another award, was initiated in 2007 which translates to mean a full-time creative sabbatical[3] and is allocated for the production of artist projects. The Jury of 8 people is assigned by the Ministry to select an artist to receive a 15,000JD grant for production. The total number of annual prizes is ten and can be awarded to individuals and groups, the awarding of the latter is regarded as one grant. Jury members are not eligible for the prize. Copyright for the works produced go to MOC for a period of 3 years. Prize winners can reapply for the prize after 3 years since receiving the prize. The by-laws for this fund are described under the guidelines for the fund.

The difference between these two grants is not very clear, and as their amounts are the same, creates a little confusion. The persons eligible for the prize only vary in that the latter prize applies for the production of artist projects and the former for research and writing.

[1]      cultural patronage Law No. 4759 / 2006-05-16

[3]               A period of paid leave granted to university professors for research

Chapter published: 04-05-2016