Jordan/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.2 Performing arts and music

The Jordanian Syndicate of Artists falls under the Ministry of Culture, and governs the activities of actors, dramatists (and subsequent professions involved in drama), producers (not specified if this includes film producers), musicians and singers, composers, as well as any other profession approved by the Minister. To become a member of the syndicate, the professional needs to submit an application form for approval by the board. The board retains the right for refusal of the applicant. Professionals working in the field that are not registered in the Syndicate are considered illegal, and may be fined between 300 - 500 Jordanian Dinars for practising without their registration and admittance.

The syndicate’s role is to define, spread and encourage the development of arts in Jordan, activate the local cultural scene and the artists through collaborations with official government bodies, increase the level of artistic production, contribute to festivals and cultural programs in Jordan and internationally, guarantee the freedom of the artist, and finally set up a retirement fund for the artist. The Syndicate of Artists has autonomy over its expenses and is operated by an elected board of directors. The laws that govern the activities of the syndicate are very detailed about the operations of the staff and board of directors. The aims and objectives are as vague as most other institutions.

Chapter published: 04-05-2016