Jordan/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.3 Grants, awards, scholarships

Small production grants are available from local NGOs, but the main funding comes from regional and international organisations supporting creative production (Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Al Mawred Al Thaqafy, Al Qattan Foundation, Young Arab Theatre Fund,  Sharjah Biennial production grants, Ford Foundation Cairo, and the Open Society Institute). Smaller production grants and awards are seen from different NGOs. One such example is the Ismaeel Shammout Prize that is offered to painters. This prize of USD5,000 is coordinated with the National Gallery of Fine Arts, and is awarded to a painting that has not been exhibited previously. An Artist of the Year Award was offered by the Ministry of Culture on an irregular basis for visual arts. This prize is for artists who are registered with the Plastic Artist Association. This prize is inconsistent and was offered last in 2007.

In education, and ever since the late 1960s the Ministry of Education and MoC has offered educational scholarships to artists from different sectors to support their education in countries around the world. These scholarships are contract based, and are linked to the candidate serving a certain amount of working years mainly in university education. Recently, the Royal Film Commission has played a part in securing scholarships for local film productions through their contacts with universities in the USA and Europe without a commitment on the candidates’ part.

Informally, the NGO Darat Al Funun, The Khalid Shoman Foundation, has supported emerging artists in higher education as well as workshops on an international level, the artist is not tied to a contract for this scholarship. The same institution started a PhD fellowship award in 2011, of 10,000USD for candidates writing their thesis in the field of Arab Art. Similarly within the realm of scholarly research, the Columbia University Global Research Centre in Amman also offers fellowships of 10,000 USD for the support of PhD research candidates working in Jordan. Otherwise, foreign cultural centres may formally offer education scholarships, such as the British Council’s Chevening Award which may sometimes be awarded to a person working in the field of arts and culture. The Core Fellowship Program for Cultural Management in 2011 was a 2-year program that selected two professionals from the field who were awarded 10,000 BP for a one year, self-directed skills and development program for cultural managers. The French Cultural Centre has informally supported artists for workshops in France, this is usually dependent on the interest of the director at that particular time. Internationally, some funding organisations such as the Arab Fund for Arts and Culture, Abdul Muhsin Qattan Foundation, and Karim Rida Foundation formally offer awards for scholarships in culture education. 

Chapter published: 04-05-2016