Jordan/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.3 Allocation of public funds

Public funds for arts are allocated by the Ministry of Finance and managed by MoC who is responsible for their allocation to the sector. The law of cultural funding of 2006 denotes that funds towards the cultural sector will be generated by a 1% taxation of revenue made on advertising in newspapers, as well as 2% from the licensing fees of all radio and television stations.[1] None-the-less, the 1% allocated for advertising was cancelled by the Prime Minster in 2010.[2] Some additional funding for culture also comes directly from the Royal Courts, but details of total budgets allocated and how they are spent is not incorporated in the annual expenditure reports of the Ministry of Planning. Organisations registered as not-for-profit cooperatives (otherwise recognised as independent organisations) that are registered under the Ministry of Culture, are also free to source their own funding on the condition that the funds are declared and approved by the Ministry of Culture through the Prime Minister’s Office.

Public tendering is not requested by law for the sourcing of funding for arts and cultural activities. Proposals are simply submitted to their respective offices for consideration.

As for funding for the support of organisations registered through MoC, some budgets are allocated to support their running costs, but these figures are quite small.


Chapter published: 04-05-2016