Jordan/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.9 Language laws

The Language Law No. 2634, 1 January, 1976, falls under the government of the Ministry of Education who regulates the use of the Arabic language, keeping it up to date with its definitions in arts, sciences and literature. It also attempts to maintain the language’s integrity and updates it through the publication of dictionaries in the Arabic Language for use as a source of reference. These are achieved through research, writing and publication, translation of the ‘wonders of the world’[1] and distribution of these publications, as described on the Ministry’s website, as well as publishing new terminology in all possible means of communication. Finally, the Ministry produces a periodical under the ‘the Centre for the Jordanian Arabic Language’ as another way to monitor and update the Arabic language.

The MoC is also responsible for the dissemination of the Arabic Language, where language is defined in relation to Islamic religion, and a collective Arabic identity.

[1]A term used within descriptive text of Language law referring to the need for translating important texts about the wonders of the world.

Chapter published: 04-05-2016