Jordan/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.4 Direct professional co-operation

There are plenty of cultural projects run by governmental and non-governmental organisations seeking specialist professional assistance from international organisations, as partners or trainers.

Within its International cultural exchange programs, the Centre for Applied Arts in the Ministry of Culture carried out many activities on many occasions. For example, in 2003, it collaborated with the Finnish Centre in producing a joint play entitled 'Fabric' using the style of expressionist dance theatre. The play was performed in a modern dance style, with a fast and energetic rhythm. 24 female students from the Dance Department of the Applied Arts Centre and 3 dancers from the National Finnish Ballet Academy participated in this play.

In 2004, in collaboration with the British Council and the UK Communication Theatre, within the program "Communication with the World," the Centre of Applied Arts showed a play called "Mud" in both Arabic and English in Britain and Jordan. The program aimed to give young participants an opportunity to exchange experiences and cultures and to get acquainted with the cultural identity that motivated each participant. Six theatrical youth troupes from Britain, Jordan, Syria, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Malaysia participated in the program.

This is also the case for the National Music Conservatory which was assisted by musicians and involved orchestras in the training of students training and in concert performances.

In another example, the Ministry of Culture sought assistance from the French troupe, Publicies, to contract with foreign artists and to organise the Jordan Festival of 2008.

Some private cultural centres have engaged contemporary artists to lecture and hold various workshops, and have provided residence opportunities for foreign artists as well as opportunities for cultural exchange and interaction between these artists and local ones. For example, a workshop and training course entitled "one minute movie" was held in the private Al Makan Gallery to teach short film shooting, which hosted a European program and European trainers.

Examples of this kind are plentiful and indicate the effort of public and private sectors to get the best possible opportunities for professional exchange. 

Chapter published: 04-05-2016