Jordan/ 8.2 Cultural consumption and participation  

8.2.1 Trends and figures

There is a severe shortage in numbers and statistics of audience participation both in governmental of non-governmental organisations, so it is hard to try and track the success and failure of certain festivals and events. One thing that has been in discussion is the difficulty in guaranteeing audiences in certain seasons due to the repetition of similar activities. Examples include the sudden surge of film festivals in the last 5 years. Initially, the European film festival was the only audio-visual film presentation. Today, there is the Arab Film Festival, the Short Film Festival, the Palestinian Film Festival, as well as other regular film screenings that may or may not accompany another festival like the Jordan Festival which includes films within its overall program.

It was shown in a 2008 study of spending habits in Jordan “ that expenditure on food as a percentage of total expenditures declined for all groups, and that the highest rise in expenditure occurred on clothing. These are signs of improving socioeconomic situations for households. However, expenditure on culture, leisure and sports declined for all groups. This reflects the shrinking amount of remaining expendable income for households to fulfil other aspects of their personal welfare.” [1]

[1]Saif, Ibrahim and Tabbaa, Yasmeen, How the Middle Class is coping in Jordan, The richest 30 percent in Jordan own 60 percent of total income, Centre for Strategic Studies, 2008

Chapter published: 04-05-2016