Jordan/ 8.4 Amateur arts, cultural associations and civil initiatives  

8.4.2 Cultural houses and community cultural clubs

The term culture centres is used to describe organisations under the government of the Ministry of Education and describes these centres as places for workshops of various lengths. These centres have no autonomy. The by-law under which they operate is listed as By-law for Cultural Centres Note (43), Legislation of Ministry of Education No. 3/1993. [1]

Cultural centres are present throughout the Kingdom and all fall within the hierarchy of their respective local municipalities. Within these centres a range of cultural activities may take place initiated by the municipality, Ministry of Culture, or sometimes -yet rarely- in collaboration with local or international organisations.

The most active of these municipality-led community centres are those under the management of the Municipality of Greater Amman. These centres have recently seen refurbishment and a concentration of activities focusing on creative skill development for youth as a way to compensate for the lack of art education in schools; this falls under the execution of the ‘Child- Friendly City’ program in the Municipality of Greater Amman (GAM). Several other culture centres are privately funded and focus on the development of creativity and culture depending on the personal interest of the funder.



Chapter published: 04-05-2016