Jordan/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.11 New technologies and digitalisation in the arts and culture

Within its new development plan, the Ministry of Culture works to develop its projects through the use of Internet technology. In the table below is a clarification of the objectives and means of this project.



By and through

Cultural development through the Internet

 - Exploiting the Internet to communicate among members of the Jordanian cultural milieu.

 - Exploiting the Internet in publicising the achievements of the Jordanian, Arabic and Islamic cultures.

 - Contributing to reducing the rate of computer illiteracy among the affiliates of the cultural milieu in the Kingdom.

 - Urging individuals and institutions to establish cultural websites aiming at introducing Jordanian culture.

 - Launching a series of cultural competitions in various fields of culture through the Internet.

 - Introducing virtual festivals and art exhibitions.

 - Holding cultural dialogues and forums online.


In fact, compared with the other countries in the region, Jordan has followed a developed policy of culture that adopted the spread of an Internet culture, and the use of modern technology, more quickly than neighbouring countries. Besides, most of the government institutions are operating with this new technology. This is also the case with the cultural civil society organisations, even writers and artists leagues, and the Artists’ Association. All these institutions use advanced websites to provide different cultural services to society.

"Social Media" is widely used amongst youth groups and institutions to provide services to public information campaigns and to campaigns specialising in human rights, women’s rights, and issues of concern to the community. The culture of the blogosphere has also spread. Jordan was the first Arab state to establish a "Twit", which is an alternative site for "Twitter ".

Greater Amman Municipality has created 16 computer information centres and more than thirty branch libraries in the capital in addition to expanding the facilities of Zaha Cultural Centre and founding the Queen Rania Gardens for Families. Amman Municipality was awarded the King Abdullah II Award for Innovation at the Arab world level in three important fields: science, arts and literature, which is granted once every two years.

With regard to the employment of technology in cultural policy, there is an official website of the Ministry of Culture, which publishes ministry news and activities in the Kingdom. But this website can be described as non-interactive, due to its severe formality and lack of interaction viewpoints.

Chapter published: 04-05-2016