Jordan/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.8 Social cohesion and cultural policies

The Ministry of Culture, within the Development Plan, works to implement the projects which are related to the achievement of social cohesion and the development of a culture of dialogue, tolerance and cultural diversity. These projects build bridges between the community and the cultural institution, namely: the National Program to Develop the Culture of Dialogue and Communication and Community Culture. The table below illustrates the objectives of these projects, and the means used in their implementation:




National Program for the Development of a Culture of Dialogue (Enlightenment)

  - Raising awareness of the importance of a culture of dialogue amongst  and across society, the community itself, and intra-culturally.

 - Spreading community awareness of the importance and feasibility of a culture of dialogue amongst cultures, and building mutual understanding based on the realities of the time and respect for the individuality of others.


 - Spreading community awareness of the danger of a culture of violence and nihilism, and the uncertainty to which it leads society.


 - Spreading the culture and the doctrine of tolerance.

 - Addressing young people and new generations and training them to acquire skills of communication and dialogue.

 - Combating tendencies of despair and hopelessness that contribute to the spread of nihilism, rejection of others and extremism in its various forms.

 - Holding cultural and intellectual symposiums.

 - Issuing a series of brochures (10 booklets) for Jordanian families, about the values and principles of a culture of dialogue.

 - Issuing a series of cultural and intellectual books concerned with the development of a culture of dialogue.

- Calling the Jordanian public and private universities to establish student clubs under the title “Debate Society for Enabling the Culture of Dialogue”.

 - Coordinating with radio and television stations for the allocation of hours for cultural broadcasting prepared by the Ministry and representing all areas of culture.

- Cooperation with the local daily newspapers to issue monthly supplements specialising in cultural awareness.


Communication and Community Culture Program

 - Rating positive cultural interaction through the delivery of cultural outputs to the general public in cities, rural areas and remote areas.

 - Using direct and mass communication tools to reach the targeted audience.

 - Promoting social consensus about major social, economic and political values, alongside with raising awareness of a culture that respects other opinions and dialogue.

 - Forming a committee to develop a comprehensive concept for the program.

 - Organising workshops in the provinces and cities, targeting the less than twenty year old age group (youth centres) in which Jordanian writers, men of letters and artists participate.

 - Founding an FM radio station (culture, recreation) to be managed by the Ministry of Culture and which adopts the dissemination of community culture, ensuring it reaches deep into the community and carries the message of national culture, or to cooperate with the Radio and Television Corporation as stated in item ( 5 ).

 - Issuing a series of books under the title “Family Library” and available at an affordable price.

 - Issuing a series of books under the slogan of "A Book for Every Child".

Chapter published: 04-05-2016