Jordan/ 5.3 Sector specific legislation  

5.3.1 Visual and applied arts

The visual artists are represented by the Artists’ Association, which is registered under the Ministry of Culture. The Association’s members are accepted through an application process and must have the necessary educational qualifications in Fine Arts, Art History or other visual arts-related areas of study. Applicants also need to present a body of work for review by the committee to gain membership in the association. Members are expected to pay a JD20 annual fee that goes towards the running and event costs of the association. The association is responsible for the dissemination of visual arts locally and internationally, and is the filter through which any official invitations are directed by the Ministry of Culture, Embassies of Jordan abroad or local Embassies in Jordan, international Ministries of Foreign Affairs, etc., to the artists. It does not however present the artist with any protection or benefits such as health insurance or social security. According to an interview with the director of the National Gallery Dr Khalid Khreis, who was also previously the director of the Artists’ Association, the members of the association have been on the decline, with many people choosing not to renew their memberships as they feel that there is no benefit from the Association. Additionally, Dr Khreis added that there is a need for an association to represent the artists’ rights to social security, and retirement funds.[1]

[1]Dr. Khalid Khreis current director Jordan National Gallery Of Fine Arts. Interview August 2009

Chapter published: 04-05-2016