Jordan/ 4.2 Specific policy issues and recent debates  

4.2.2 Heritage issues and policies

The absence of the culture of museums is one of the issues that the current Minister of Culture addressed as one of the challenges facing the Ministry of Culture. The Ministry, according to its general objectives, works to establish cultural, artistic, and popular centres, theatres, and museums in different regions of the Kingdom. It also works to deepen the pride and loyalty towards national culture in Jordan and tries to make that pride deeper through reviving national heritage of thought and science, literature and arts, analysis and publication. It also deepens and introduces pride and loyalty towards Arab-Islamic culture, and it contributes by spreading its message, and highlights the role of Jordan in its future.

The Ministry is currently working on two projects to achieve these goals. The table below shows the development of draft objectives of the national culture of folklore, and the documentation of cultural heritage. But there remains a need to conduct studies that criticise this heritage, and provide a theoretical framework in addition to these practical projects. Such studies could enhance the confidence required to criticise heritage and take its pros and discard its cons.




Development of the National Group of Folklore

 - Introduce Jordanian artistic heritage.

 - Provide communication and interaction opportunities with human culture.

 - Develop the music band to the level of an orchestra.

 - Develop a folk dance troupe.

 - Participation in local and international festivals.

 - Participation in the revival of national events.

 - Providing the necessary capabilities for development.

 - Updating musical hardware.

Documentation of Cultural Heritage (Arab Inventory Project)

Introduce Jordanian culture and reveal its treasures and contributions to human heritage and the preservation of national memory.

  Research and studies, symposiums  and forums

 - Website

 - Publishing books



Chapter published: 04-05-2016