Morocco/ 6.2 Public cultural expenditure  

6.2.3 Sector breakdown

In this section we discuss the sector-based distribution of MoC’s budget in 2013 & 2014.

General Sector

The budget of the Ministry of Culture for 2013 and 2014 falls within the context of sectorial strategy to promote five major axes that are:

  • Proximity policy (democratisation of culture without being centralised in major cities or the expansion of network spaces and cultural activities to become include villages and remote areas);

  • Support and keeping pace with creativity and creative people (expansion of support circle to include creative young people, persons with special needs/taking care of social and professional conditions for creators, providingdecent legal status for creative people and motivating them to engage and effectively contribute to the development process);

  • Maintenance and evaluation of cultural heritage (pay attention to cultural heritage (material and non-material) to brighten and promote Moroccan culture. Taking care of historic places amdmake them spheres for receiving and presenting cultural and artistic products. Seek to arrange and classify the most important historical sites as part of Moroccan humanitarian heritage;

  • Stimulate cultural diplomacy (linkages with Moroccans living abroad and strengthening their relationship with the culture of Morocco) and strengthen the introduction of Moroccan cultural and artistic products and dissemination on an international level. Strengthen ties with neighbouring countries and with other friendly countries, and intensify cooperation and exchanges of practices to stimulate cultural centres of Morocco. Strengthen exchange through international cultural events, consolidation of relations with international organisations, and activating and implementing requirements for cooperation agreements;

  • Improve governance and organisational measures (restructuring and reorganising of the Ministry). Canvass strategic priorities and appropriateness of legal texts with current developments. Arrange provision and rehabilitation of human resources and create competencies in the organisation, linking responsibility with liability. Coordinate the roles of cultural actors and activate the role and involvement of civil society in the formulation and delivery of programs. Follow up and provide evaluation. Increase the Ministry's budget to 1 % by 2016. Expand the involvement of the private sector in supporting cultural affairs.

In 2013, allocations for the Ministry of Culture rose to 571.063.000 dirhams

The numbers for the 2013 draft budget:


Management expenses

354.313.000 Dirham

Wages: 202,393,000 Dirham

Equipment and misc.: 151,920,000 DDirham which is a 9% increase from 2012 allocations of 139,400,000

Expenditure on investment

216,750,000 dirham versus 235,000,000 in 2012, constituting an 8% decrease from 2012. While first commitment bonds were 70,000,000 versus 100,000,000 dirham for 2012

Number of financial positions

35 financial positions in 2013 were exploited to inforce technical and administrative framing aspects of cultural institutions, and to fill recorded gaps in planned positions on the level of centralised and decentralised departments in specific fields and specialisations.


The Budget Lines for the Ministry of Culture for 2013:

1 - Summary table of total expenditures (without calculating total wages)

Five major axes: 373,438,761 dirhams.

Institutions specialised in formation, training and rehabilitation affiliated to the Ministry of culture: 4,410,455 dirhams

Public institutions and independent departments: 76,650,216 dirhams

Total: 454,499,216 dirham

2 - Expenditure according to five major axes

Proximity policy: 250,280,000 dirhams

Keeping pace with creativity and creative people: 47,607,000 dirhams

Protection and maintenance of cultural heritage: 67,350,000 dirhams

Cultural diplomacy: 3,000,000 dirhams

Good governance: 3,000,000 dirhams

  Total: 373,438,761

Distribution of allocated financial support for the Ministry of Culture according to the National fund for cultural work in 2013.


Projects and Operations

Allocated Fund - dirhams

Establishment and equipment of cultural centres


Arts facilities


Restoration and preserving historical monuments as well as study and research centres


Artistic and cultural festivals


National program to reactivate cultural centres





Distribution of Ministry of Culture Support Funds in 2013 on Formation, Training and Rehabilitations Institutions



Total Allocations

The National Institute for Antiquities and Heritage


The Higher Institute for  theatrical Arts and Cultural Activation


The Higher Institute for Fine Arts in Tatwan





In 2014, the allocation for the Ministry of Culture rose to 547,000,000 Dirhams

Data and information on a draft budget for the year 2014

1- Sources:

332 million dirhams within the framework of the Public State Budget for 2014

20 million dirhams on behalf of a private account named the National Fund for Cultural Work

195 Million Dirhams; additional resources within the context of national and international partnerships

2. The distribution of 2014 budget

  • Operating expenses estimated at 152 million dirhams,
  • Investment expenses at 180 million dirhams,

3 - Project whose implementation is associated with additional financial resources

  • Project for the restoration of historic buildings at Fas, with allocations rising to 67 million dirhams
  • Rehabilitation project for Great Tangier, which will benefit from 30 million dirhams as well as the rehabilitation of two sites in each of:

Master Abdul Rahman in Casablanca and Zaleel website, which will be financed with an amount rising to 37 Million Dirhams as a contribution of two investment zones.

Table 6.6: Distribution of the MoC Budget (2012)

Total Financial Allocations for Major Areas


Total Allocations



Proximity Policy


Support and Upkeep of Innovation and Innovators


Maintenance and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage


Stimulating Cultural Diplomacy


Improving Governance




Table 6.7: Distribution of MoC Support to Structural Foundations (2012) 

Total Allocations



National Institute for Archaeological Sciences and Heritage


Higher Institute for Theatre Arts and Cultural Activity


National Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan





Table 6.8: Distribution of MoC Support to its Public Institutions (2012)

Total Allocations



Mohammed V National Theatre


National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco


Moroccan Archives




Table 6.9: Distribution of MoC Support on Administrative Operaitons (2012)


Total Allocations



Operating Central Administration


Operating Regional Directorates


Operating the Al-Manahel Printing Press



Chapter published: 05-05-2016