Morocco/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.3 Allocation of public funds

The annual budget is drawn up pursuant to the 1998 finance law [44], which was amended in 2000.

The current finance law is determined by the annual financial law, the corrected finance laws and the law of payment.

In addition to the public budget, the Moroccan cultural sector benefits from the support of various funds in the form of special budgetary accounts subsidised by the state:

National Fund for Cultural Work [49] created in 1982 (see paragraph 6.3.2 of chapter 6).

Film Production Support Fund (Account) [48] created in 1987 (see paragraph 6.3.3 of chapter 6).

Audio-Visual Sector Advancement Fund [46], created in 1996 and transformed later into an account named the Insurance Companies Solidarity Fund after the audio-visual sector became independent. 

Chapter published: 05-05-2016