Key Documents

Key documents on the country's cultural policy, as identified by the profile author, will be listed here.

A. Books:

  • Abdullah Al Ourawi: History of Morocco, Volumes 1, 2 and 3, Arab Cultural Center, 5th edition, 1996.
  • Amina Al Touzani: Culture and Cultural Policy in Morocco, La Croisée des Chemins, Casablanca 2003 (in French).
  • Group of authors led by Caroline Gautier-Kurhan: Moroccan Cultural Heritage, Maisonneuve & Larose, Paris 2003 (in French).
  • Group of UNESCO experts: Cultural Development – Regional Experiences, Arab Institution for Studies and Publishing, Beirut, 1983 (translated from French).
  • Izzeddin Al Manasra: The Amazigh Issue in Algeria and Morocco – Linguistic Pluralism Problem, Al Shurouq for Publishing & Distribution, 1st edition, Amman 1999.
  • Abdul Wahed Ozri: Theatre in Morocco – Structures and Trends, Topqal Publishers, 1st edition, 1998, Casablanca.
  • Abdul Ali Alwoudghiri: Francophonie and Linguistic & Education Policy in Morocco, Moroccan Company for Printing & Publishing, 1993, Rabat.
  • Ahmad Sijelmasy: The Cinematic Morocco – Realities and Queries, Shiraa Series 65, Tangier 1999.

B. Dissertations:

Mohamed Bel’atiq: Structure of Cultural Space – Current Limitations and Development Opportunities, a PhD dissertation in 2000 at the National Institute for Preparation and Construction, Rabat.

C. Reports

  • The Quarantaine Report, the Potential Morocco, issued by the administrative committee of the National Company for Radio and Television, published by the Moroccan Publishing House, Casablanca, 2006.
  • Kingdom of Morocco: Morocco Today – Achievements of 2006, Part 2, Ministry of Communications 20007, Rabat 2007.
  • The outcome of government activity in culture and communications areas between 1998 and 2002.
  • The outcome of the MoC achievements: 2005, 2007, 2008.
  • Culture and Cultural Policies, a training workshop, Alger 10-12 November 2007.
  • International Government Conference on Cultural Policies for Development, Stockholm, 1998.
  • Guide to Cultural Institutions, developed by MoC in collaboration with community groups, private sector and international aid agencies, Ministry of Culture – General Inspectorate, Rabat 2007.
  • Cooperatives and Associations Law (latest amendments), Moroccan Magazine for Business and Contracting Law – Series of Legislative and Regulatory Texts, New Success Printhouse – Casablanca, 2005.
  • Documents of the Seminar on Culture and Decentralisation (25-26 May 1993), Ministry of Cultural Affairs in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and Information, Tétouan, May 1993.
  • Book Sector in Morocco: Places and Prospects, a study conducted in cooperation between  UNESCO and MoC, 2006.
  • Draft Finance Law of 1999 – MoC.
  • Morocco Status 2006-2007, Viewpoint-Strategic Booklets 3, Rabat 2007.
  • Morocco Status 2008-2009, Viewpoint-Strategic Booklets 5, Rabat 2009.