Morocco/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.4 Direct professional co-operation

A number of international vocational institutions have established cultural projects in cooperation with the Moroccan government, such as:

  • Financial support provided by ISESCO to complete a catalogue on the cultural and natural heritage of Morocco. The catalogue is to be prepared by the Inventory and Documentation Centre affiliated with the MoC, in cooperation with the Moroccan National Committee for Education, Science and Culture. This catalogue will be a comprehensive categorisation of all physical and non-physical components of Morocco's cultural and natural heritage. It will help heritage specialists to more easily conduct inventory and documentation by unifying scientific terms and methods.

  • Protection for the heritage of Draa Valley, is a part of the Sahara of Cultures and People Project sponsored by UNESCO. The project intends to raise rural living standards by analysing the current state of Draa's traditional songs and dances to better incorporate them into the country's tourist activities. Two agreements have been recently signed with the Association of Caravaneers for sustainable tourism and for a local government tourism agency.

  • The Protection, Reviving and Preparing of Lafna Mosque Yard in Marrakesh Project was launched by UNESCO in cooperation with the MoC and local partners; it is funded by the Japanese government. The Rabat UNESCO Office organised a celebration to honour the traditional art of storytelling, with the participation of hakawatis who recited stories in the mosque’s yard. The celebration also included the distribution of a book about the Mosque Yard and a yard-painting competition, in which forty painters competed before the Ministry of National Education's Regional Culture and Academy Commission for a prize. This Celebration was held on 27 June, 2006, at Abu Abbas Al-Sabti Secondary School in Marrakesh with representatives from UNESCO, the Ministries of Culture and National Education, local authorities and community figures and Lafna Mosque Yard promoters and students.

Chapter published: 05-05-2016