Egypt/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.2 Division of jurisdiction

The Egyptian People's Council (parliament) number of special committees formed at the beginning of every session. These committees consist of members named by virtue of a proposal by the Council's Office. Every MP should be a member of one of the Council's committees and may be, subject to the Council's Office approval, a member of more than one committee in order to benefit from his or her expertise and specialty, and a chairman and a general secretary is elected from the members of these committees. 

These committees assist the People's Council in exercising its legislative and control jurisdictions and each committee studies and gives opinion on draft laws, proposed draft laws and decisions and other subjects referred by the Council according to its specialty.

Chapter five of part two of the Bylaw contains all the rules governing the special committees. The number of these committees may reach 20 of all specialties, such as: Culture, Information and Tourism Committee: specialized in tourist services, all types of information, arts, literature, antiquities and tourism. In addition to discussing draft laws related to the said fields. Laws are proposed by presidential or ministerial decisions and when a law is propose a jurist is assigned to write the draft of the proposed law, which when completed is presented to the People's Council for discussion and endorsement.

Chapter published: 01-04-2016