Egypt/ 6.2 Public cultural expenditure  

6.2.1 Aggregated indicators

Allocations of the Culture Palaces Authority, which plays the major role in the government cultural activities in the governorates and villages, whose population ratio is more than 56% of Egypt's total population, reached 12.9% of the total allocations for the culture sector in 1991/1992 and 13.3% in 2001/2002. This means that the Egyptian citizen's share of the government culture service in rural areas of Egypt didn't exceed one to two Egyptian pounds annually! This was reflected as a reduced number of Culture Palaces and Culture Houses from 527 in 1995 to 293 in 1999.

The media allocations per capita in Egypt according to the State Budget were 12.5 pounds /year in 1991/1992 and 28.9 pounds/year in 2001/2002[1].

[1]  Abdul-Khaliq Farouq- Violation of Cultural Rights

Chapter published: 07-04-2016