Key Documents

Key documents on the country's cultural policy, as identified by the profile author, will be listed here.

  • Culture Strategy in Egypt - Farouk Hosni
  • Supreme Council of Culture - The agenda of the 40th Meeting of the Supreme Council of Culture- June 2009
  • Culture Register (2002 – 2006) - Arab Republic of Egypt - Ministry of Culture
  • National Center for Social and Criminological Research
  • Comprehensive Social Survey of the Egyptian Society (1952 – 1980)
  • Volume XIV - Arts and Literature - supervised by Mr. Badr al-Din Abu Ghazi 1985
  • The Three Faces of Arab Culture (research paper) - Mr.Sayyed Yassin


  • Ahmed Khalifa (supervisor), Arabic Dictionary of Social Sciences, UNESCO and the Arab Regional Center for Research and Documentation in Social Sciences (preliminary edition), Cairo, 1994, article: Culture.
  • Ahmed Abdel-Fattah, The Movie Market is in Danger, the website of the Arab Cinema Network (CineArabe), 20/6/2006.
  • Amal El Gamal Co-production in Egypt (1946-2008), published in the "Cinematic Perspectives" series (Afaq Al-Cinema).
  • Al Ahram September 29, 2009 - P. 1.
  • Bayyoumi Madkour et al, Dictionary of Social Sciences, National Division of UNESCO and GEBO (the Egyptian General Book Organization), Cairo, 1975, article: Culture.
  • The Film Industry in Egypt Between the Current Situation, the Roles of the State and the Private Sector, and the Need for Modernization, Arab Strategic Report, p. 310.
  • Al-Sayed Mahmoud Al-Sayed Ghanem, The Origins and Evolution of Social Insurance in Egypt.
  • Charlotte Seymour-Smith, Encyclopedia of Anthropology, Anthropological Concepts and Terminology, translated by Mohammed Jawhari et al., the Supreme Council of Culture, Cairo, 1998, article: Culture.
  • Cherif Younes, Holy Onslaught.
  • Abdel-Rahman ElRafei, The age of Mohammed Ali - Part 3.
  • Abdel-Rahman ElRafei, The age of Ismail - Part 2.
  • Abdul Khaliq Farouq, Concerns of an Intellectual in a Confused Country.
  • Abdul Khaliq Farouq, A Reading of the General Budget for 2005 – 2006.
  • Abdul Khaliq Farouq, Violation of Cultural Rights.
  • Ola Shafei, 2006 Film Season Worst in Egypt, Hayat (Lebanon), 10/11/2006.
  • Dr. Alaa Al Aswany, What do Nubians Want? in Shorouq Newspaper, 11 May 2009.
  • Farouk Hosni, An Egyptian Experience, A Paper on Strategies for Cultural Work.
  • Louis Awad, A History of Thought in Modern Egypt, part 2.
  • Magdy Ali Said, Garagos  Ceramics: Religion, Art, and Development, an article on the website IslamOnline.
  • Muhammad Sayyid Kilani, The Cairo Tram.
  • Mohamed Ghumari, The Right to Freedom of Information Exchange and Documentation.
  • Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression, The Report on Freedom of Thought and Creativity 2009.