Egypt/ 6.2 Public cultural expenditure  

6.2.3 Sector breakdown

The administrative or functional breakdown of the public budget was predominating in the past; 15 sectors, such as agriculture, industry, education, defense, security, etc. This was before the issuance of the Public Budget Law, which made it more ambiguous; instead of breaking the old breakdowns down to 20 sectors to identify accurately the allocations for some activities, such as Research, Youth ,  Religious Affairs or Social affairs, we have now more integrated functional breakdowns (10 sectors) under meaningless names such as:  Public Services, Economic Affairs, Environment Protection, Housing, Utilities and Communities, Health Affairs, Culture, Youth and Religious affairs, Education, and Social Protection.

The question is: what are the integration factors among the Youth, Culture and Religious Affairs, as stated in the public budget, save hiding some non-positive contents of the Religious Affairs sector, which swallows now a considerable part of the budget allocations, so that the civil state became of very Azhari and Salafi religious nature? On the other hand, the budget allocation for Scientific Research and Culture are poor[1].

[1] Reading in the State's Public Budget of  2005-2006  by Abdul-Khaliq Farouq

Chapter published: 07-04-2016