Egypt/ 8.1 Direct and indirect support to artists  

8.1.4 Support to professional artists associations or unions

Until the 1960s special civil associations were present to unite professional artists and educated people such as “Egyptian Artist League”, “Artistic advertisement group” “Modern Art Group”, “Art and Freedom Group”, “Plastic Art adorer Group”. However, all of them disappeared leaving behind only the group of “Cairo Atelier” in enmities required the intervention of police late in 2010. Treated as charity association reporting to the Ministry of social affairs, these associations receive support, while networks still constitute a source of scare for the state since it is unaware of their work and goal.

Even after the declaration of a new constitution in 2012, including the article regarding NGOs formation announcements, the state is still hostile toward these associations, and the case of foreign funding is still being exploited by the ruling regimes to enforce unnecessary restrictions.

The government completed the preparation of an amendment to the law on civil  associations articles in September 2014, and the Minister of Social Unity announced officially that most of the amendments related to regulating financing and its oversight. Although the Minister announced that the amendments would be put up for discussion, the uncertainty about the government's intentions from these amendments raised doubt in the community, especially in light of the media’s repeated accusations of  treachery to associations and individuals.

Chapter published: 07-04-2016