Egypt/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.6 Labour laws

Although Law 12 of 2003 governs all labor frameworks and contains general definitions of employee and employer, it did provide a definition for workers in the cultural field or cultural professions. This Law basically regulates the employer-employee relationship, particularly after the visible transformation in the country's economic system; privatization and market liberalization.

The determinants of work contracts for film and theatre artists are the provisions of the contract signed with producer.

Law 35 of 1978 pertaining to the establishment of acting, film and music syndicates and unions stipulates: 


Article No.



Chapter 5, Article 52

Law 35, of the year 1978, concerning acting, film and music professions

The syndicate board is concerned with reviewing disputes that may arise between syndicate members and employers concerning payment. Disputes shall be presented to the board by a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. The board has to settle the dispute within 30 days from the date of the application. The applicant may resort to litigation. The board shall inform both parties to the dispute of the subject of the application, and the session set for reviewing it with a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. Both parties shall have the right of attending to give their statements, and to employ the help of attorneys.

A 2% charge shall be imposed on the first 200 pounds of the fees, 1% on the second 200 pounds, and 0.5% on exceeding amounts. It shall be paid upon submitting the application. The board’s decision in the settlement shall include which of the opposing parties shall bear the expenses, each according to the loss incurred.

Article 53


Syndicate members and their employers shall have the right to appeal the board’s decision within the 15 days following its announcement with a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

Article 55


The board shall be concerned with the estimation of a member’s pay, upon their request, or the request of the employer. This is in case of not agreeing to it in writing. The member shall lose their right to demand payment from the employer in the absence of an agreement thereupon, after the elapsing of five Gregorian years from the date of the last work undertaken.

Chapter published: 01-04-2016