Egypt/ 3. Competence, decision-making and administration  

3.3 Inter-ministerial or intergovernmental co-operation

Chart 4: Ministries in charge of cultural activities

Ministries colored with red are the ministries that work, or interfere in the cultural activity, concerning the cooperation among them; it happens in the form of irregular projects or depending on seasonal cultural events. So far, there are no updates in the form of inner relationship between these ministries. 

In 2014 Dr. Jaber Asfour created the new position of Assistant Minister of Culture for Follow-up and Development Affairs of the Governmental Cultural System, and appointed Dr. Said El Masri to the position. In this context a number of cooperation protocols were signed, as well as memoranda of understanding with a number of previous ministries to achieve a whole cultural system within government organization, which is still on its way to implementation. 

Chapter published: 01-04-2016