Egypt/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.4 Direct professional co-operation

Direct professional cooperation in public level is evident through the international archeological institutions that have been working in the country for a long time (even before saving the Nubian antiquities), such as UNESCO, which funded the largest part of the Civilization Museum in Fustat in addition to other projects (such as building museums).

JAICA: is cooperating with the competent authorities to build the Global Egyptian Museum in Pyramids area through its expertise exchange delegations and professional training of workers in the field of antiquities.

French Archeological Mission: is conducting excavation works in San al-Hagar area, in addition to the activities carried out by the Oriental Studies Center in Cairo; publishing specialized books in the fields of antiquities and history and giving grants for archeologists to conduct studies and researches.

Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian archeological missions: are all engaged in excavation and restoration works, in addition to cooperating with the competent authorities to organize the changing exhibitions at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

The American Center for Archeology, which contribute to archeological activities in addition to developing a database for the Egyptian Museum.

Chapter published: 01-04-2016