Egypt/ 3.4 International cultural co-operation  

3.4.5 Cross-border intercultural dialogue and co-operation

Egypt organizes many international cultural events sponsored by the MOC institutions such as Cairo Festival for Experimental Theatre, Ismailia Festival for Documentary, Narrative and Short Films, Cairo International Film Festival, Egyptian International Graphics Triennial and Alexandria Biennial of the Mediterranean Countries.

On the other hand, the HCC organized a number of Arab and international conferences and seminars in which many issues in the fields of thought, culture and art were raised, most notably the "Future of Arabic Culture", "Cultural Identity", "Globalization", "International Symposium on Literary Term Issues", "Cairo Third Gathering for creativity: The Novel and History ", "One Hundred Years of the Liberation of Arab Woman ", "Arab Woman and Creativity", " Arab Gathering for Folklore", "Renewal of Arabic Cultural Rhetoric" and other conferences and seminars.

In the framework of the HCC activities meant to achieve interaction between Egyptian and international intellectuals, a number of prominent figures were invited to Egypt such as Jacques Derrida and André Raymond from France, Eduardo Mendoza from Peru, Robert Young from England, Jean De Lille from Canada and Peter Gran from USA. 

Chapter published: 01-04-2016