Egypt/ 8.4 Amateur arts, cultural associations and civil initiatives  

8.4.2 Cultural houses and community cultural clubs

A cultural palace representing mass-culture exists in every governorate capital, and though, smaller in size, cultural houses are present in all governorates’ cities to play the same role. These houses may not have their own national team for drama or for folklore, however, they offer similar services as a club for drama and another for authors exists in each of them. Moreover, cultural houses of governorates specializing in particular handicrafts carry the name of these handicrafts, for example “Al-Talli House” in Asyut. Al-Talli are clothes and pieces made of Al-Tal textiles and ornamented with false golden and silver threads which used to be of pure gold or silver in the past. On the other hand, women of Al-Arish specialize in Bedouin ornamentation by which the governorate is characterized.

Chapter published: 07-04-2016