Algeria/ 8.1 Support to artists and other creative workers  

8.1.2 Special artists funds



Executive Decree 91-03 in 19/01/1991

Executive Decree 90-116 in 18/04/1998        

Executive Decree 06-239 dated04/07/2006

Promotion of Art and Film Technology Fund

National Fund for the Promotion and Development of Arts

Heritage Promotion Fund

Such funds are important financial resources for cultural activities. But despite the importance of these funds as key resources, they are still insufficient to meet demand for cultural funding, particularly the demands of independent troupes lacking the financial resources to continue their activities.

Although the law governing the Promotion of Art and Film Technology Fund allows granting loans for producers to promote national production, such provisions are not actually implemented. As a result, the sources on which artist depend in their creative works remain limited and restricted basically to state aid in the form of cultural programs and projects and support funds. This support targets production in particular and does not cover other professional or social aspects.

As a result, there is no social security system for artists. Unemployment insurance also does not cover artists and technicians who work part-time in the field of artistic shows or audio and visual production. Additionally, there is no minimum wage system for workers in the field of art.

Chapter published: 03-05-2013