Algeria/ 5.1 General legislation  

5.1.3 Allocation of public funds

Cultural business in Algeria depends largely on the state's contributions. Contributions come at the central level through the MOC, at the local level through districts (governorates) and municipalities, and through other ministerial sectors including the Ministries of Youth and Sport, Interior and Local Communities, Religious Affairs, and Mujahedin (Warriors).
These bodies handle state contributions, which take the form of budget facilitations, financial contributions to art producers and distributors, and organization of cultural events. The Cinema Development Fund (Act No. 91-03; 19/01/1991), the National Fund of Arts and Literature promotion (Act No. 98-116; 18/04/1998), and the National Fund of Cultural Heritage (Act No. 06-239; 04/07/2006) all regulate the distribution of public funds to the cultural sector (See section 8.1.1).

These institutions’ financial oversight of culture and the arts does not spur the kind of growth anticipated. In fact, the ministries of Religious Affairs and Mujahedin limit their contributions to religious and national celebrations. Ministries of Youth and Sport and of Interior and Local Communities deem cultural activities less important than the sporting activities. The private sector remains divested despite many laws highlighting the necessity of diversifying support for cultural initiatives. Cultural organizations continue to rely almost exclusively on MOC and governmental contributions.

Chapter published: 11-06-2013